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The Sundance Mobile Home Park, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Kissimmee, Florida. With 30 spacious lots, our park enjoys a coveted location near schools and the primary retail shopping area. Upon acquisition, the property boasted 80% occupancy, with lot rents priced below market rates in the low $300’s. However, we embarked on a dedicated mission to revitalize the park, undertaking extensive unit renovations and creating a secure and hygienic environment for our valued residents. Additionally, we worked on the meticulous task of transitioning from a septic system to the convenience of county sewer, ensuring improved functionality for all. Our efforts have yielded remarkable results, as lot rents now stand in the mid $400’s and we proudly announce full occupancy, with every lot currently inhabited. * LOTS: 30 * ACQUISITION DATE: December 2021 * ACQUISITION PRICE: $810,000 * RENOVATION COSTS: $500,000

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