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01 Work Force

Rory Williams
President & CEO

No one likes a long commute to work. As a result, the massive generation of millennials began moving to downtown city apartments. “Live, Work, Play”, became a slogan that is synonymous with this generation. They were getting rid of their cars. Living close to work. Living close to the nightlife.

With approximately 80MM of them, this was a group large enough to create significant change within city landscapes. This is the largest generation since the baby boomers, who have currently have approximately 74MM people.


80MM of them.
Starting Families.
Movig to the Suburbs.

Orlando Office

93MM square feet.
Only 10% is Downtown.


Working close to home.
No commute to downtown.


Millennial’s want a
high quality of life.

03They Follow the Cycle

Free Existence

With the massive number of Millennials and their trend towards urban city centers, they fueled a nationwide re-generation of demand for downtown office space and apartments.

The Millennial generation was born between 1982 and 2000. As of 2019, they now range in age from 19 to 37 years of age.


However, as this group ages, something familiar is happening.

As with every generation before them, they are having families and looking for a high quality of life.


They are now beginning their migration to the suburbs to raise their families and are looking towards home ownership versus the attachment-free life with an apartment.

“Live, Work, Play” is now transforming into “Parks, School and Soccer”.

Millennial Work Force

Most of the suburban office in the market is located in neighborhoods close to the residential population centers.

This makes them very attractive for the ease of access and proximity to home.

In most cases, they have very high intrinsic values with irreplaceable locations.


Office Transactions

Over 400 office properties trade hands each year in Central Florida. New construction pricing is over $220 per square foot. The sales price for suburban office has averaged around $150 per square foot for the last several years.

Upgrading Suburbia

Amenitizing, well located, older buildings gives them a new life.

  • Modern LED Lighting looks great and reduces expenses.
  • Environmental Control mSystems tuns off systems when not in use.
  • Common Area Upgrades-a coat of paint goes a long way.
  • Exterior Improvements-nothing beats a first impression.
Reduce the Commute

Who wouldn’t want to work closer to home?
More time with the family?
More time for life outside of the work environment.

We have been able to increase the value of suburban office with modern lighting, environmental controls and enhancing the common areas.

We deliver a modernized work environment in older buildings, located close to business owners homes.

Rory Williams
President & CEO
Realty Cap Investments



We have been able to create a comprehensive re-positioning plain for older suburban office buildings that is both cost effective and feature rich.

With an understanding of each sub-market these properties are in, we focus on well desirable locations with strong demographics.

We have been successful in driving increased rental rates and occupancy.

Target Performance

Realty Cap Investments is a commercial real estate firm focused on increasing value through improving the functionality and usability of suburban office and lower income multi-family housing. We pride ourselves on protecting each investment with careful analysis on the opportunity and the market.