Workforce Housing

Housing for service workers.

Everyone needs a place to live.

Basic Housing

Workforce housing is generally needed by individuals or families who are employed in essential service industries, such as teachers, nurses, firefighters, police officers, retail workers, hospitality workers, and other low- to moderate-income workers.


These individuals often face challenges in finding affordable housing in areas where they work due to rising housing costs and limited availability.

Work Force Housing

Why is it Necessary?

Increases in rental rates for housing over the last 5 years has placed a considerable burden on this segment of the population.

Affordable Housing for essential workers:

We look to facilitate affordable housing near workplaces for essential workers with moderate incomes, alleviating the strain of high housing costs.

Economic Development:

Affordable housing fosters economic stability and community growth by enabling businesses to attract and retain skilled workers, promoting local economic development.

Employee Retention & Productivity:

This supports employee retention and productivity by providing affordable housing options near workplaces, preventing high turnover rates and reducing costs for businesses while fostering a productive workforce.

Community Services & Continuity:

Housing ensures the availability and quality of vital community services, such as healthcare, education, public safety, and hospitality, by enabling essential workers to live near their jobs and maintain continuity.

Diversity & Inclusivity:

This fosters diverse and inclusive communities by offering housing options for individuals with varying income levels, creating balanced and vibrant neighborhoods where people from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds can coexist.

The Opportunity


We are looking to support lower income members of the community that need housing options that are priced at a fair amount and that provide basic needs to shelter and habitability for a family.

Our plan is to develop townhome communities with little to no common area amenities and focus on comfortable interior improvements.
We will price each unit so that it is affordable in the local market and it will deliver a substantial return to our investors.

Generating returns by providing affordable housing makes money.

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